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“My daughter (who has cerebral palsy, autism and severe intellectual impairment) has been dancing with Miss Felicity for the past 10 years - the inclusiveness, patience and adoration she has been shown by all the teachers at the studio has helped my daughter build capacity and grow. Not only has her mobility and physical strength improved (she first learnt to lift both feet off the floor with Miss Felicity!), but her mental health, her independence and her ability to socially connect with others has been enhanced. We will always be grateful to Miss Felicity Ryan, and I don’t ever see a time where my daughter won’t be dancing.”


Kylie Kean



“My daughters have been attending Felicity Ryan Ballet school for the past year and a half. In this time I have observed many special things about this place. All the staff are so kind, welcoming and caring. The teaching is always positive and encouraging. Values of respect, inclusivity, politeness, teamwork and genuine care for each other permeate this school. 


I love how Felicity mentors young teenagers and gives them opportunities to work in the younger classes as assistants. This must be hugely beneficial for these young people, giving them work experience, confidence and a sense of belonging and worth. 


My daughters are thriving being a part of this community. They have made beautiful friends. It doesn’t feel competitive or image based at all - which I was really worried about when trying to find the right ballet school for my children. 


Yet, the standard of dancing seems high but in a manner where everyone just wants to be their best because they clearly love being a part of this school and doing something beautiful and collaborative. 


I also LOVE the quality of music that Felicity Ryan chooses. It really is exquisite music that touches the heart. My daughters just love it and I love watching them be so happy in this place. 


This really is a special school that deserves recognition in our community.”


Jillian Norton



“Felicity Ryan Ballet is an all inclusive, non competitive studio that caters for all levels & ages from 18mths to 55 years & over. Felicity & her teachers teach both Ballet & Contemporary Dance with skill & enthusiasm. They encourage individuals to reach their goals & full potential. Whether it be for confidence, socialisation, fitness & flexibility or to be offered a place in the Australian Ballet Company.”


Kirsten Goyne


“I have been attending Felicity Ryan Ballet as a senior for 3 years. Every week, amongst a class of dancers aged between 60-mid 70’s, we are encouraged to exercise body and mind to keep ourselves agile and useful in an unforgiving society. Felicity’s philosophy of making the school a non-competitive environment is extraordinary in this current time. We dance within our own personal parameters and feel confident doing so. Her teachers are empathic, encouraging, and hilarious. Positivity of purpose is behind everything that is taught to us; friendship within our class is a superb bonus. It’s an immense privilege to benefit from Felicity’s entrepreneurship and Tasmanian Arts can only benefit as well. Five stars.”


Prue Batten



My daughter has been attending Felicity Ryan Ballet Studio for the past two years. At just two and a half years old, my daughter lacked confidence in social settings but loved to dance at home. Also caring for a new baby, I was unsure how we would manage attending ballet lessons each week. However, Felicity assured me that babies were also welcome to attend and suggested we come along for a trial lesson. I'm so glad we did!


Miss Kitty and her daughters welcomed us warmly to the studio. They were always happy to lend a hand if needed. Their kind and gentle approach has fostered positive relationships with my daughter. These secure relationships have helped her to feel confident engaging in each lesson and trying new things. I have consequently seen such huge personal growth in her time attending Felicity Ryan Ballet. 


I can't speak highly enough of Miss Kitty and the incredible team at Felicity Ryan Ballet. I feel a real sense of family and community there. In addition to running an excellent program, the relationships we have established and sense of inclusion we feel have meant so much to my daughter and I. Going to ballet and seeing her "friends" (the teaching staff) is the highlight of my daughter's week. 


We are so grateful to be part of the Felicity Ryan Ballet community. Thank you for all you do. 


Kylie Botterill



“Felicity and her team have supported my child to engage in ballet even though it has been hard for her over the years. To see her smile during the recent concert was such a joy and thank you for allowing us to experience.”


Samanta Wyton



“We have been with Felicity Ryan Ballet for the last 6 years. A culturally diverse, affordable hence accessible, quality non-competitive dance studio. My daughter tells anyone who can listen that Mondays are the best because they are her ballet classes with miss Felicity. Can't recommend them enough.”

Nthabiseng Tito



“My daughter has created friendships, gained confidence, a brilliant smile, and a perfect parallel position. Felicity and Miss Catherine are growing amazing dancers inside and out with their caring and amazing classes. We can’t get enough.”


Gill Smith


“I highly recommend Miss Kitty's classes for young children at Felicity Ryan Ballet. She is kind and patient and seems to genuinely enjoy teaching ballet. It is clear she cares for the children and their families in her classes. My daughter has always had a naturally shy disposition, but Miss Kitty has helped her feel confident by just being gentle and truly interested in her without pushing her to be anything she isn't. The relaxed yet structured approach mixed with a lot of play makes the classes the right combination of instruction and freedom. I've seen my daughter's confidence grow and I know she feels a part of a community at Felicity Ryan Studio and so do I. When we come in, we feel like family as Miss Kitty's own daughters often help with the classes. They have been positive role models for my daughter who looks up to them and enjoys interacting with them as well. Like their mother, they are kind and caring with the children and make them feel special and seen by an adolescent. This is so important as children this age rarely get that opportunity. Additionally, I have another young baby and Miss Kitty has always allowed me to bring him along. This makes attending the class possible for moms with multiple young children like me (of which there are a few in the class who also have other babies) who might otherwise not be able to enrol their first child in something like this. This is a huge asset as it is so important for mothers and fathers who are the primary care


takers at home to be able to get out and provide their children with positive opportunities. We have just had such an all-around positive experience and I am thankful for a place like this in our region. It is so much more than dance. It is confidence, it is community, it is care, it is strength.”


Vintage & Lace


“I love the inclusivity of the Felicity Ryan Ballet school. At 75 I am still able to enjoy exercising to beautiful music with a group of ladies who have become friends. A few of my children and their children also attend classes and enjoy the same experience of collegiality and fun through the medium of ballet. Thank you, Felicity, for the vision you have worked so hard and consistently to achieve.”

Camille Peacock


“As a parent, I am incredibly grateful for the sense of community and belonging that Felicity Ryan Ballet has created for my child. This ballet school has gone above and beyond to ensure that every dancer, including those with special needs like my child, feels included and valued.


From the moment we joined Felicity Ryan Ballet, we felt embraced by the warm and supportive environment. Ms Catharine took the time to understand my child's unique needs and adapted teaching methods accordingly. Her expertise in accommodating students with additional needs has given my child the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and inclusive space.


One aspect that has truly made a difference in my child's journey is the option for private lessons. The attention and encouragement received during these sessions have been invaluable to my child's growth and development. 


Felicity Ryan Ballet has created a nurturing and inclusive community that has had a wonderful impact on my child's life. He looks forward to ballet class each week with so much joy. Their commitment to inclusivity has instilled in my child a deep sense of confidence, belonging, and love for ballet.”

Madeline Dwyer



“Felicity is a beautiful person who has created an inclusive, loving, and supportive ballet community on the Easternshore. Thank you, Lisa and Felicity, for awakening my dormant childhood intrigue and admiration for ballet.”





“I am a mature age student at the Felicity Ryan Ballet School.  I decided to take up ballet again at 52 years of age to assist me with posture, balance, and my mental health wellbeing.  I have reaped the rewards of ballet in so many ways.  I took ballet lessons when I was five years old for a period of 12 months.  To return to something that I love has been an amazing journey for me.  The Ballet instructors are a talented group, and we are blessed to be able to participate in such a rewarding, fun and engaging class!”


Carol Bergman-Wells



“I joined the senior’s class after many decades away from ballet. Felicity and her team have been amazing in giving me the confidence to return to ballet. And it has been fun!”


Dorothy Topfer



“My daughter loves learning to dance with Felicity Ryan Ballet. The teachers are all very friendly, warm, and skilled ballet teachers and the end of year performance is wonderful.”


Erin Wagner



“Felicity Ryan Ballet continues to maintain the highest standard of integrity in ballet teaching, while creating a "home away from home" atmosphere in the dance studio where students and their families come together. My daughters have made wonderful friends through FRB, as have I! 5 STARS through and through.”


Sarah Ryan



“I can’t rave on about Felicity Ryan Ballet enough. As someone who had never danced before in my life, mainly because I have always been a larger build, as a 17 year old Felicity fit me into her adult beginners class for a few terms, and made me feel encouraged, supported and welcomed. I never once felt like I was judged, or couldn’t keep up, this was purely because of the sweet nature and incredible teaching styles of Felicity and Lisa. Now, as a 26 year old, I have had many years away from ballet after living overseas, however, it wasn’t a problem for Felicity to fit me into a new class, and some private lessons with Lisa to freshen me up and get me back up to speed. The culture at Felicity Ryan Ballet is like no other dance school, a true family who is inclusive of everyone no matter where they come from, what they look like and regardless of ability, everyone is special and treated like a proper ballerina! Now, pregnant with my first child, I am unable to do lessons, but I am eagerly awaiting the day I can return to class and also enrol my very own little ballerina into baby steps ballet! Thank you Felicity, Lisa and all the staff for making me feel so supported and inspired for almost ten years!”


Josie Freeman


“After negative experiences elsewhere my daughter and I could not be happier. Excellent communication with parents and organisation. Correct technique is a priority. Highly recommend.”


Amber Richards


“Felicity is a really lovely and caring person. She gave us plenty of attention to help my daughter feel welcome. Highly recommended.”


Giselle Ernesto dos Santos


“Both my girls have been dancing at Felicity Ryan Ballet from as young as two and a half. It’s built confidence, established friendships and peers to look up to with older ballet students assisting in teaching the younger ones. A great community to be a part of.”


Anelda Lotter


“Felicity Ryan Ballet for seniors is such a good thing for older people. It is great to have a good workout with graceful exercises and lovely music. Lisa is a wonderful teacher, very patient with us. I enjoy it so much more than going to the gym.”


 Jennifer Ramsden 



“For a first-time adult dancer - this place is amazing! The people are so lovely, and everyone is made to feel so welcome. Highly recommend!”





“Felicity Ryan Ballet offers a fantastic Open Adult class. It's inclusive and so much fun!”


Bonnie Semmens



“Catherine’s classes for older people even those with no ballet experience provide a kind, fun and supportive environment for all participants.”


Frances Moore



“I attend Senior ballet classes and recommend Catharine and the beautiful studios and music. Catharine understands the needs of older bodies and can construct a class smoothly around that. Love the classes. 5 stars.”


Prue Batten



“Fabulous inclusive ballet school. So friendly and welcoming. They also do a strength class and senior ballet which is just brilliant. Highly recommend.”


Sharon Ratcliffe


“I thought I could never start learning ballet at age 23, but then I found Felicity Ryan Ballet! I have had classes with Miss Lisa for 3 years now and look forward to many more.”


Teshia Kelly



“Miss Felicity and all the teachers have created such an incredible and supportive environment, as an adult beginner I started at the very basic level, Miss Lisa is an exceptional teacher and has the patience of a saint! I know I'm not the only one that says ballet class is on od their favourite days of the week.”


Annie Gatenby



“After nearly 30 years away from dancing, it has been fabulous to join ballet classes again, with a range of different adult class levels to choose from as my muscle memory returns! Ms Lisa's classes are my favourite times of the week and I leave each time with a sense of achievement and so happy! If you are reminiscing about how wonderful your childhood ballet classes were, take a chance and come and try it. You will love it!”


Jos Pullen



“I look forward to my Ballet for Seniors class every week to enjoy the company of lovely ladies who share my love of ballet. Catharine is a wonderful teacher aware of our limitations and making each class an enjoyment. Great for flexibility, balance, and self-confidence. Highly recommend for over 55s who have a love of ballet , never too late to learn in a fun safe environment.”

Vicki Atkinson



“My daughter has been attending ballet classes with Felicity Ryan Ballet, since she was a toddler. As a family, we feel so fortunate to have been a part of such a wonderful dance community and to have made so many beautiful friends along the way. Now my daughter is a teenager, it's so lovely to reflect on how far she has come and the amazing skills she has learned over the years. Felicity and her team of have always been so professional, supportive, and inclusive.”

Amy Millhouse


“My daughter started attending when she was 2.5 years old. She has loved it from the very beginning. My daughter is now almost 4. One of a very few schools that would allow parents to stay and watch their little ones, which was a huge positive for us. The classes are age appropriate and engaging. The teachers are kind, patient, and genuinely lovely people. Absolutely adore this ballet school!”


Missy Harwood



“Felicity and every one of her teachers are amazing. Committed to excellence, they never sacrifice this but are so gifted that the children also have a fabulous time in the process. “Miss Felicity”, “Miss Catherine”, “Miss Lisa”, and “Miss Kitty” are completely beloved by their admiring pupils. My granddaughter had tried another ballet school a few years ago but the standard was not high, and we let lessons lapse. When she wanted to start lessons again (thankfully we had discovered FR Ballet!) Felicity started an “entry” catch-up class for her and a couple of others who, like my granddaughter, were a bit older and behind in classwork. Thank you so much, Felicity!!!”


Margaret Sonnerman



“I love the adult ballet class! It is so good to be able to still dance in a supportive, friendly class environment. The other ladies are lovely. Miss Lisa is wonderful. The class is challenging as well as enjoyable which I really love… the hour goes by way too quickly! So much fun.”


Heidi Modrovich


"After leaving in my teens, and a break of 22 years, I returned to ballet in 2021. Felicity Ryan is an inclusive, caring studio and I could not have had a better reintroduction to dance as an adult ballet student. My body at 40 is a lot different to my body at 15, but through the warm, professional teaching offered by the studio, I have felt like it is possible to reconnect with movement, and my body, with positivity. Although my busy life means that I am not able to be more involved in the Felicity Ryan community, and often have had to take time off due to other commitments, I always feel welcomed and at home when I attend."


Phillipa Stafford



“Friendly, supportive, and inclusive. This ballet studio is a wonderful community for my daughter to grow and learn in, she has attended Felicity Ryan Ballet for the past 5 years and enjoys it immensely. My daughter's confidence has blossomed, and her technique continues to develop over time thanks to her incredible teachers and fellow dancers.”


Sarah Lunstedt



“Best part of my week is going to my adult ballet class! 10/10 would recommend.”


Chloe O’Reilly



“I’ve been going to FRB on and off for years and it’s a wonderful school for the adult dancer. There are so many adult classes from absolute beginner to advanced, so you can always find a class at the right level. Lisa who teaches the adult classes is super friendly and supportive but makes sure the classes are challenging enough that you keep learning and getting stronger and fitter.”


Pippa Williams



“I love Felicity Ryan dance school! As an adult with, admittedly, no real talent to speak of, my teacher Lisa is kind, supportive and so helpful (even when I grossly overestimate my ability and attend the hardest class!). I’d absolutely recommend it for adults of any age and stage!”


Teigan Margetts



“ I would like to totally endorse your ballet school in relation to building communities.  As we are starting to realize connectedness is an important aspect in boosting positive mental health and in helping to mitigate against Alzheimer’s disease.  I joined a ballet class after a taster offered during seniors week last year.  What’s not to like?  I meet with like-minded people my own age, we talk, share problems, offer a listening ear and support, exercise to our ability level and beyond, challenge our memories, balance and build muscle strength and bone density through weight bearing.


The ballet school is all about inclusivity.  Lisa, our teacher, and the other staff, lead by example, accepting us where we are physically, mentally and emotionally and extend us with the utmost care and consideration.  We can’t help[ but come away from lessons walking taller, smiling and with a swing in our step.


We can’t wait till the next lesson comes around.”


Elizabeth Thoomas



“Very welcoming and understanding of beginner level struggles.”


Lanah Grace



“Patient, kind and understanding. Truly full of the joy of dance for all. Everyone in our family has danced here even if it’s only once or twice so far for Mum and Dad. Our girl loves to go every week, even on the days she finds it so hard to get out of her own way, to break the pattern of her thoughts that are holding her hostage and just “do the thing” she knows the teachers and other dancers will support her, help her and it will be okay. The concert every year is amazing. A true celebration of excellence, hard earned learning of skills, practice, and progress and simply the beauty of ballet.”


Kirsty Presser



“Our 7yo daughter Eve has been attending Felicity Ryan Ballet since the age of 3.  In this time she has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. We noticed fairly early on that Eve had difficulty paying attention in class and would sometimes get overwhelmed by the noise.  The teachers at Felicity Ryan Ballet have always met Eve where she is and encouraged her to participate without putting pressure on her to engage with the class.  Sometimes she would sit back and watch, and other times she would become quite disruptive but they always acknowledged her and patiently allowed her to participate when she was ready.  Following her diagnosis, the school assisted Eve's need to have further support.  They took on board our suggestions in class and also provided individual lessons so she can learn the content with less pressure.  Sometimes she has needed to take breaks from ballet and they have helped her catch back up for the concert.  Last year Eve participated in her first concert and it made us so happy to see her apply what she had learned, Eve was so proud of her achievements.  Felicity puts so much effort into making the concert extra special for every participant, whether they are dancing competitively or not.  We believe the values and ethos of Felicity Ryan Ballet have been what have helped Eve participate in an activity where she feels welcomed and included, despite her challenges.  This has provided her with social inclusion and a sense of achievement.  Thank you!”


Samantha Wyton



"Felicity Ryan Ballet is a rare dance school that offers a supportive but challenging class environment in which to develop your skills as an adult dancer, either as an adult beginner or an older experienced dancer. It is difficult to find a class where you can both feel your technique progressing, but without any judgement when things don't go to plan when you aren't having a good dancing day! The optional annual concert is a great opportunity to indulge your sequin and tiara fantasies and live out your performance dreams while having great fun with your classmates."


Alexandra Seager



“Decades ago, I was a ballet dancer. And now I am in my 60’s – I am a dancer again! The benefits of dancing are many – making new social connections with like-minded people, building physical strength and endurance, developing joint mobility, improved posture, building mental strength and resilience, and activating memory of moves and routines. All of these contribute to a more active and confident life. A joyful life.


I was delighted to find a such supportive and inclusive ballet school where I can indulge my passion and reconnect to classical ballet technique, moves and music. Felicity and her professional, friendly teachers provide welcoming classes for seniors which are differentiated to meet participants needs. Adults who have no experience are nurtured, along with people with experience, who are rediscovering the grace and flow of moving to music.


Felicity believes that everyone is a dancer and should be able to access enjoyment in ballet dancing – and she provides classes for all ages and abilities from toddlers to 70 years plus. Her concert performance last year showcased her focus on participation - with around 180 dancers on stage. The enthusiasm and joy in dance across all age groups was palpable. Thank you Felicity.”


Wendy Cracknell


“I love what Felicity Ryan Ballet offers our community. It’s a friendly, welcoming, inclusive environment and the team really care about people learning, growing, connecting, and moving creatively.


There aren’t many spaces where you can feel safe to explore, trial, fail, learn, and try again quite like this. We are really lucky to have a dance school that values and includes everyone in their classes and performances.


Felicity Ryan Ballet changes lives for the better.”


Tanya Brooks-Cooper



“I have been attending Ballet for Seniors at Felicity Ryan Ballet for over 4 years . It’s a wonderful initiative bringing seniors with different abilities together  through their love of ballet . I have formed wonderful friendships during this time . I have noticed my balance and flexibility have improved along with my confidence in an all-inclusive fun environment. It’s by far my favourite hour of the week.”


Vicki Atkinson



“Our daughter has been attending classes here since she was four years old. Felicity and all the teachers have provided her an outstanding environment in which to learn classical dance - they actively foster a dance culture that supports each other and is above all inclusive (which is why we were attracted to the school in the first place), they support her as an individual and do not prioritise competition results, and they provide a safe and high standard of teaching. My daughter feels part of the family there and I suspect always will.”

Rachel Meyers


“My 2 daughters and I have danced at Felicity Ryan over the last 6 years. Welcoming, non-competitive dance school where all dancers are appreciated and nurtured.”


Paula George



“My daughter has been attending Felicity Ryan Ballet Studio for the past two years. At just two and a half years old, my daughter lacked confidence in social settings but loved to dance at home. Also caring for a new baby, I was unsure how we would manage attending ballet lessons each week. However, Felicity assured me that babies were also welcome to attend and suggested we come along for a trial lesson. I'm so glad we did!

Miss Kitty and her daughters welcomed us warmly to the studio. They were always happy to lend a hand if needed. Their kind and gentle approach has fostered positive relationships with my daughter. These secure relationships have helped her to feel confident engaging in each lesson and trying new things. I have consequently seen such huge personal growth in her time attending Felicity Ryan Ballet.

I can't speak highly enough of Miss Kitty and the incredible team at Felicity Ryan Ballet. I feel a real sense of family and community there. In addition to running an excellent program, the relationships we have established and sense of inclusion we feel have meant so much to my daughter and I. Going to ballet and seeing her "friends" (the teaching staff) is the highlight of my daughter's week.

We are so grateful to be part of the Felicity Ryan Ballet community. Thank you for all you do.”

Kylie White



“I'm 64 to and have always wanted to learn to dance ballet. Thank you, Felicity, for making my childhood dream come true!! Thank you for including the seniors in your class and making us all feel valued.”


Wilhelmina Cucueco



“I am in a beginner’s senior class having never done ballet and I love it. I can't speak highly enough of Felicity Ryan Ballet. It's an expertly run family and community run business. It would be a well-deserved award.”


Judith Hawkins



“Felicity Ryan Ballet is such a lovely dance school for all ages, starting with baby steps, into school age and right through to adults. All the teachers are wonderful, friendly, and supportive - as are the other students. My two children and I have been dancing at FRB for the past 3 years and between us have first-hand experience of all levels and teachers, and we couldn’t recommend them more!”


Emily Maslin



“This is the fourth year my 9-year-old daughter has been attending ballet classes at Felicity Ryan Ballet. My daughter loves ballet but would not cope well with a constant schedule of competitive performances, exams, and eisteddfods. I find the balance at FRB is just right. High quality technical ballet instruction with only one compulsory performance at the end of year recital - which is always a quality production which my daughter looks forward to all year.

Felicity herself is a hardworking, kind, experienced teacher who has built and continues to develop a high quality, healthy, welcoming, and inclusive dance school that caters to absolutely every type of hopeful dancer. Miss Felicity aims to foster a lifelong love of dance in her students so the focus at FRB is on learning technique and the gentle challenge and extension of abilities.

Students who wish to undertake more rigorous instruction or performance are also encouraged but it is not compulsory. This is great for kids who just want to dance without the pressure.

Miss Felicity also encourages and fosters leadership among the older students by providing opportunities for them to assist in teaching the younger classes. These young women are kind and patient with the younger students and are a great help to Miss Felicity in class. Most of all, my daughter just loves Miss Felicity and being part of the FRB community. It's all dance without the drama.”


Emily Southam



“Felicity Ryan Ballet is amazing starting ballet as a senior I couldn't have been made more welcome the teachers are so motivating and positive and know how to support you to succeed. I love it I wish I had come years ago. Recommend to everyone young and not so young it's like joining a fun and happy dance family.”


Annette Fuller



“An entirely unintimidating yet highly professional dance studio with the most inclusive and supportive ethos, FRB is a joy to be part of. My daughter has found friends, kind adults, and power in her own expression through dance. Thanks Miss Felicity and FRB”

Jackie Law

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