TINY STEPS – ages 2 and up

NEW in 2023 (waitlist only) Tiny Steps Ballet is a beautiful class for little ones aged 2 and up, that is designed for the children to dance alongside their Mum, Dad or carer.


These classes will teach your tiny dancer to move with increased control, co-ordination and confidence, all while helping them to develop an awareness of the body and how it moves through space.


Your teacher will gently nurture your child’s sensitivity and responsiveness to music, and encourage them to express their feelings and emotions through movement.


Every class tells a story to delight and capture the imagination of your little one – whether we are in the sea or playing in a fairy garden - each class will be filled with play, gentleness, imagination and joy! 2023 Class Schedule

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BABY STEPS – ages 3 and up

These fun, non-competitive pre-ballet movement classes  are designed to develop and prepare your children for classical training, through musical awareness, and creative role play. Our emphasis is on building self esteem through kindness and patience, while gently nurturing each child's love of ballet at their own pace. 


At Baby Steps, we believe every little dancer deserves to feel special  and cared for and we cannot wait to dance with you! 2023 Class Schedule


Pre-Primary Ballet is aimed at children who are kinder aged. This Royal Academy of Dance class offers a syllabus that helps the children to develop physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds, props and musical styles. Through participation and practice, children learn to demonstrate body and spatial awareness, co-ordination and control of movement, and a heightened sense of musicality and expression. This delightful class prepares children for a successful transition into Primary ballet for prep aged children. 2023 Class Schedule

MIDDLE SCHOOL - Prep age and up
(Including Teen & Beginners Foundation ages 8 through to 18)

As children progress into our middle school, we provide quality ballet tuition for students who are prep age and up. Class numbers never exceed 15 students, so your child's individual needs are always met with the highest possible standard of care. Learning ballet is wonderful experience and we encourage self-discipline, kindness, self-awareness and confidence, equally in all our students. 2023 Class Schedule


Beginners Foundation is a class designed for children ages 8-11 who have never done ballet before.


Generally, when a child who is 8 or over decides to join a ballet class, it can be very difficult for them to keep up.  So we designed these classes so children could enjoy the pleasure of learning classical ballet, while developing a basic technique one level at a time.  Class intake occurs at the beginning of the year, but private lessons are available to help any new comers catch up. 

Our first entry level class begins in term 1. 2023 Class Schedule

TEEN BALLET- Ages 12-17

Teen ballet is a class designed for children  ages 12-17 who have some prior dance training and wish to learn more. 


Each lesson helps your teen develop confidence by learning the terminology and steps from scratch, and is a really great way to make new friends. 

Class intake generally occurs at the beginning of each year, but private lessons are available to help new comers join later on.  2023 Class Schedule

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In addition to our graded classes, we offer private lessons for children with special needs. 

Class work is tailored to a beginner level with the aim of building confidence considering each child's strength.  2022 Class Schedule